What kinds of artists are welcome on Artrise?

All types of artists are welcome on artrise! Digital, traditional, animation, writing, photography, etc, is all welcome on the site!

When can I sign up?

The site is currently in early stages of development, so users won’t be allowed to sign up just yet. We’ll give you more information as we develop the site!

What’s the website’s mascot?

The mascot is Canvas, the noodle dragon!

What’s the age requirements for joining

You will be required to be at least 13 years old to join

How long will usernames be?

At least 3 character for the lower limit, we’re not too sure on the upper limit!

How much will premium be?

We’re not sure how much premium will be right now! We’re still in the process of making the website, nothing is set in stone.

What’s the rule on NSFW and other graphic materials?

NSFW work will be allowed on the website. There will be a detailed mature filtration system for NSFW work. Underage people won’t be able to see or post NSFW. As far as mature tags go, you will likely be able to select tags to not show up at all. Most will be hidden behind a mature banner. We will release more information about how this will work later on.

What will the icon size be for the website?

Icons will be 50x50 pixels

How will the website be funded?

It will be crowdfunding! You guys can help us pay for it as we get something set up! A kickstarter, pateron, and ko-fi have been considered, but nothing is set in stone yet.

What format will the custom boxes be in?

HTML and CSS, both of which will be implemented sometime in the future!

What kind of ads will be on the website?

There will possibly be ad-relevant ads on the site and a possibility of user-made advertisements!

Will the website have on-site currency?

As of right now, there will not be any on-site currency, but that could change in the future

Will it have custom coding & boxes?

Yes ! Infact it is one of our main focus for the site, we want to give you the tools to make your page as customizeable as you can. You can checkout some of the examples we currently have on some of our profiles down here !

Will we be able to make our own tags?


Will we be able to remove comments on our page/art?


Will there be an equivalent of having alt accounts?

We're considering having multiple usernames per account, so you can keep things separated per username as you wish, kind of how tumblr manages their blogs. This is not set in stone, however.

What format will the custom boxes be in?

HTML will be available to all users, while CSS will be available to those with premium memberships!

Discord Questions

Can/How do I become a helper?

There currently isn’t a way to apply to be a helper. We will open applications when we are ready!

What does it mean to be a tester?

Testers will get to test the website in waves when it goes into beta!

Are betas going to be the first to test or will there be earlier access members?

The way testers will work is the Admins & Coders first, then the mods, and finally the betas, which will be in waves!

Can I draw Canvas?

Of course you can! Feel free to post in #canvas in the discord server

When will this project be done/completed?

We’re not sure yet! Websites take a long time to develop, but in the meantime, you can see all the progress made in the #site-changelog channel! Please do not rush the coders for an ETA.